V-korr - Creative Surface

V-korr Sinks and Bowls collection

A complete collection of sinks and bowls

A wide range of V-korr products manufactured with the molding technique, is available in plain white. Matched with V-korr solid surface sheets, they create a unique and continuous surface. In addition to the sinks and bowls, this range includes washbasins for bathrooms, single or double sinks for kitchens, bars, small toilet areas, hospitals and laboratories.

The custom-made integration of these molded pieces to V-korr solid surface sheets, without visible seams, creates no gap which might accumulate dirt and moisture. This facilitates maintenance and guarantees a perfect hygiene for the sinks and bowls. The packaging contains the user guide for maintenance and installation.

Color options

Imagine your colors! With the V-korr range, it is really easy to find a combination of colors that reflect your state of mind, your personality and style of your worktop : Discover colors

Drawings of the sinks available from V-korr!

   Download .DXF and .DWG