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Design: creative activity by excellence


V-korr can be transformed, cut, thermoformed, engraved and combined with other materials. It is ideal for designing new everyday objects: tables, chairs, beds, shelves …

The possibilities offered by V-korr inspire designers from around the world and allow them to give life to pure and innovative shapes, impossible to achieve with traditional materials.

Work with the translucency of the Lumino colour (050) and play with the luminous effects. Available in 6 mm, Lumino will illuminate your creations.

Technical characteristics

Interior design

Cloison de décoration en résine de synthèse

Cut, drill, assemble, thermoform, to give the shapes you want to the material and create a unique interior decoration!

Column covering

Habillage de colonnes en pierre, grâce à la Solid Surface V-korr

The multiple processing techniques offer magnificent creations like this V-korr column.


La résine V-korr permet la translucidité, idéal pour les luminaires

V-korr can be machined in the mass to achieve different degrees of translucency. A magnificent result for any type of lighting.

Screen printing

Impression sur résine de synthèse

V-korr can also be screen-printed. Thanks to this method, these weather resistant images can even be displayed outside (ex: signage).

Living room furniture

Table basse et mobilier de salon

Tables, seating, shelves: all the modern furniture in V-korr Creative Surface will find its place in your living room!


Gravure sur décoration murale en résine de synthèse

Aesthetically customize your walls or partitions with a pattern, letters or logo engraving, using a simple 3D technique.

Be creative

Main découpée dans la résine V-korr puis thermoformée pour lui donner sa forme finale

Let your imagination run free, push the limits of creation: thanks to the cutting and thermoforming techniques, you can give life to all your shapes!


Exemple de design extérieur - fauteuils

Armchairs, tables, ..., V-korr is ideal for your exterior decoration thanks to its refined curves, and its weather resistant material.


Case studies

Réalisation d'un lit en résine de synthèse V-korr

Bedroom furniture

Creation of a bed, shelves, wardrobes and lights too, in Lumino, and integration of LED’S

  • Maker : MOB
  • Architect : HLSA
  • V-korr colours V-korr : 050 Lumino

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Eclairage grâce à la transparence du Lumino

Bathroom lining and wall partition

Bathroom lining, addition of reptile pattern and lighting through the resin, and creation of a feature partition wall.

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Interactive desk

Various elements integrated into a desk: touch-sensitive keyboard, DVD player, USB ports, wireless charger for mobile phone ...

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