V-korr - Creative Surface

Food hygiene and fire safety regulations

10 years warranty

V-korr is guaranteed ten (10) years. This warranty covers manufacturing defects of the material. The warranty no longer applies once the maintenance and instruction of use are not followed. The finished products V-korr are covered by the biennial or 10-year guarantee of the transformers.

Data sheet

Standards, strength and modules, ..., discover all the V-korr documentation below:


V-korr standards

The V-korr worktops and walls tend to contribute to a healthy, sustainable and safe environment, especially in terms of air quality inside the rooms, food safety, fire, chemical and bacteria resistance, tested and certified by recognized independent organizations.

  • Chemicals resistance

    V-korr conforme aux normes ASTMV-korr has been tested and certified for compliance with ASTM standards for flame spread and smoke clearing, enabling its use in federal facilities, schools and hospitals as well as homes. V-korr repels aggressive chemicals and ordinary tasks such as iodine, coloration due to food products and hair dyes.

  • Fire resistance

    Normes CSTB

    V-korr has undergone testing and certification relating to reaction to fire of building materials and management in federal facilities, schools and hospitals for thicknesses 6 and 12.3 mm. Tested with CSTB (Scientific and technical center of building trade ).

  • Food security

    V-korr conforme aux normes NSFV-korr is a non-porous solid material that repels liquids and stains while preventing the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi. It has been tested and certified from the following organizations:

    • National Sanitary Foundation ': US Food Safety Standards
    • 'ASTM': International Food Safety Standards