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A hotel is like a second home. We like it to be cozy, comfortable, clean and warm.

V-korr meets such requirements in interior design, including hotels. It offers immense opportunities for designers to shape the identity of a hotel.

Backlit reception desks, bathrooms vanity tops, signage ... Space and hotel furniture to enter into a new dimension where creativity is combined with sustainability.

Technical Specifications

Reception Area

Banque de réception en V-korr

The sobriety of V-korr material and its softness allow excellent first contact with customers.

Bar and Counter

Bar - comptoir d'hôtel hygiénique et facilement nettoyable

Hygienic and easy to clean, resistant to impacts and easily repairable, V-korr is the ideal choice for bars or counters.

Connected furniture

Mobilier connecté avec chargeur de téléphone intégré

With connected furniture, you can turn any surface into a wireless charger for phones! More information here and here

Vanity tops

V-korr permet la création de plans vasques dans les chambres

V-korr is ideal for the conception of mass-produced vanity tops.

Shower trays

Receveur de douche

Integrate a design shower tray , easy to install and clean, and hygienic! Available in all our colors.


Baignoire en résine de synthèse

Offer the greatest comfort for your customers with this bathtub, it is possible to decorate wall shelving, integrated storage ...


Comptoir de bar en Solid Surface


V-korr made possible the realization of a magnificent bar counter with novelty design curves made by superimposing layers of V-korr.


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Réalisation d'un lit en résine de synthèse V-korr

Bedroom furniture 

Realization of a bed, shelves, cupboards and lamps in Lumino color code, and integration of LEDs.

  • Transformer: MOB
  • Architect: HLSA
  • V-korr Colors: 050 Lumino

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Bath and shower tray

Realization of a bathtub, shower tray, and bathroom / kitchen / bedroom cladding.

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