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Integral layout of a house in V-korr

As you can see from the previous projects, two of the major assets of the V-korr Solid Surface are its versatility and adaptability, whether in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, or even in the field of design.

Indeed, the characteristics of this material, is in one hand very functional (Hygienic, easy maintenance, resistant ...), and on the other hand very aesthetic, (many colors, forms thanks to the thermoforming, serigraphy, and addition of luminaires ...) provide a presence in very varied fields, through magnificent achievements.

Designed by the interior design agency RéHome, and realized thanks to the material V-korr Solid Surface, this interior layout is the perfect example.




Plan of bathroom in V-korr

This beautiful double washbasin, more than 3 meters, as well as the blocks of storage that accompany it, were made thanks to the color 001 - Bright White.

Notez également comment V-korr se fond parfaitement dans cet univers (tel un ninja de l'intégration), à première vue hostile, composé de matériaux "froids" (pierre et métal), en apportant sa touche de chaleur et de convivialité.

Clothes storage and washbasin made with V-korr

Also note how V-korr blends perfectly into this universe (like a ninja of integration), at first sight hostile, composed of "cold" materials (stone and metal), bringing its touch of warmth and friendliness.

Solid surface shower tray V-korrThis bathroom sink has also been decorated with storage underneath, and a frontal towel holder, easily fixed in the resin.


 Bathroom washbasin and shower

To ensure harmony in style and color tones, the shower tray and its sides were both made with Bright White.


Shower made with Solid Surface

The bathroom vanity has also been combined with stone and metal, for a most beautiful effect.
The shower tray was embedded between two stone walls. The V-korr combines with other materials: wood, glass, stone, leather ...

Living room

 Integration of V-korr in the living room as decoration and furnitureIn addition to the bathroom, it is the living room that has benefited from the design touch of V-korr, the latter combining perfectly with this spacious and luminous room. It is therefore part of the design furniture that was made in Solid Surface V-korr: the table, and the storage cabinet with drawers.

Realization of furniture in V-korr

Note the harmony that emanates from the room, easily combining colors, shapes and materials.

 Table and storage furniture in V-korr
 Coffee table in solid Surface V-korr

The coffee table, consisting of two superimposed rectangular blocks, was also made in V-korr..Resistant to stains, wear and daily aggressions, this Solid Surface is ideal for furniture.


 central island with tank and hob

Discover this open floor plan, with an extractor hood and a hob integrated on the surface of the worktop. The cleaning is facilitated and its integration in the worktop is perfect.

Solid surface shower made with solid surface

The cladding and jamb of the open floor plan, as well as the cladding of the front of the cupboards, were made with V-korr.

Cuisine intégrée dans le plan de travail sans joint

The sink was integrated seamlessly into the worktop, with an addition of drip grooves.


 Dressing bed and bedroom furniture in V-korr


Realization of the bed edges ckadding as well as support in V-korr. Addition of a relief plate, and indirect and diffuse lighting thanks to a set of LEDs.

 Bedding and headboard lighting

Perfect blend between different types of room lighting, uniformity in colors and styles, and harmony with the bathroom behind.

Dressing closets of the room in Corian

Realization of the covering of the furniture in white V-korr, providing a feeling of well-being and granting a quick access to the arms of Morphée.

 Solid Surface table and chairs

In the continuity of the creation of furniture, this table was entirely realized in V-korr. The advantage of material is that it is warm (thanks to the proportion of acrylic resin in its composition), resistant to daily aggressions (Shocks, stains, wear ...)

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