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Office furniture – Nestlé Digital Space

Nestlé welcomes V-korr in its nest

The Swiss giant Nestlé, one of the world's leading agri-food companies (the world's leading company in this sector in 2013), markets a wide range of food and beverage products and beverages.

Logo Nestlé 2015

Nestlé wanted to renovate the premises of its "Digital Acceleration Team". This control center aims to monitor its online reputation in the world, in real time.

Benches, tables and dressing in V-korr

V-korr Solid Surface is ideal in offices: hygienic because non-porous, easily cleanable, resistant to shocks and soft to the touch, it allows the realization of any type of furniture (Tables, benches, reception desks ... ).
It was therefore asked for the realization of furniture, including screen dressings, tables of different sizes, benches and armchairs ... The subtlety of this project being that all these elements are juxtaposed, and that they constitute two large continuous assemblies.

Screen cladding

Dressing of touch-sensitive screens in synthetic resin

The end of the cabinet consists of a cladding of touch screens, ensuring their protection, without hindering their freedom of movement, since they remain revolving. On this project, the choice went to V-korr 3mm, glued on curved plywood. (See Realization section Réalisation for more details)


V-korr touchscreen protection contour
Touch screen coating with Solid Surface


The cladding is then transformed into a table, without discontinuity.

Office table integrated in the set These curves are obtained through the thermoforming process, which allows, once the material is heated, to give it the desired shape when cooled..

Office table in synthetic resin
 Realization of a table in V-korr


We then find the V-korr in the form of a huge bench, embellished with cushions. Composed of 70% of minerals, the Solid Surface V-korr is very resistant to the shocks of everyday life, and is easily repaired, assuring it an unparalleled longevity.


Synthetic resin bench V-korr
 Solid Surface Bench Support

Relaxation area

The furniture ends in the relaxation area, in the form of two armchairs and their matching dressing.

 V-korr in the relaxation areaThe proportion of acrylic resin used in the composition of the synthetic resin V-korr allows the material to be soft and pleasant to the touch, and therefore ideally suited to the production of tables or chairs.

 Armchairs in the relaxation area
Dressing and armchairs in Solid Surface

Reception desk

The "Digital Acceleration Team" also has its own reception area, now equipped with a reception desk, also thermoformed, in V-korr Solid Surface.

Thermoformed reception desk V-korr is non-porous, which prevents dirt and bacteria from sticking to it. This material is, in one hand, perfectly hygienic, and on the other hand, very easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for furniture (counters, reception desks ...) subjected to strong attendance.

Thermoformed reception desk
V-korr Creative Surface Resin Countertop

Design and realization of elements


Here is an overview of the 3D plans of the furniture, representing a draft of the final project, from different angles.

 2 different views of the room and different elements

 Drawing of the bench - View n ° 2
 Drawing of the bench - View n ° 1
3D Modeling of the Part - View # 2
 3D Modeling of the Part - View # 2


The V-korr is available in 3 thicknesses: 12.3mm, 6mm, and 3mm. The 3mm was selected for this project. This thickness is an alternative to laminate, while retaining the advantages of V-korr (no seal, 100% waterproof, resistant, hygienic ...).

V-korr is applied through a plating process on a bent plywood backing..

This method has several advantages: the thermoforming capabilities are greater than with other thicknesses, the cost of the material is reduced, and the achievements are lighter.

 Realization of the structure in agglo
 Realization of the structure in agglo 2

Once the design stage is complete, the wooden supports are made. They will serve as both structure and mold to the material..

 Collage of 3mm on the agglo - Leveling with V-lign
 Collage of 3mm on the agglo  Setting up clamps and V-lign
Then the 3mm V-korr , previously heated, is applied. The different parts are held in place thanks to pliers and clamps, and flat collages are facilitated thanks to the V-lign. The color-matching glue and the sanding step help to make the joints imperceptible.

More Informations :

  • Project : Nestlé - Locaux de la "Digital Acceleration Team"
  • V-korr Réalizations : Meuble en une pièce, comprenant des habillages, des banquettes, et des tables.
  • Conception / transformation Arch'Office
  • Location : Paris
  • Date : Mai 2015
  • V-korr colors : 001 Bright White
  • Technical specifications : Thermoformage + 3mm
  • Credit : Alain Bouhanna

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