V-korr - Creative Surface

Prescribe V-korr

Why prescribe V-korr?

With V-korr, architects and designers are given a much greater flexibility than with many other materials. It can be cut, carved, drilled, sanded, polished, thermoformed ... as you wish to suit virtually every conceivable application.

Which application?

Exemple d'application : sanitaires

Exemple d'application : sanitaires

V-korr is a very soft material and its use is limited only by your imagination. Below some of the application areas to which V-korr gave full satisfaction:

Find all application areas on the page "Applications".


The assets of V-korr:

  • Résistant
  • Hygienic
  • Aesthetics
  • Durable
  • Thermoformable
  • Translucent
  • Invisible seams
  • Repairable

Available sizes

V-korr_epaisseurs12.3 mm V-korr sheet


6 mm V-korr sheet
(Only 001 Bright White)

3 mm V-korr sheet
(Only 001 Bright White)



  • Minerals
  • Acrylic Resin
  • Pigments


Which color?

Coloris V-korr

V-korr colors

 The choice of colors depends greatly on the type of application chosen.

Please visit the "Samples" page and ask for a sample using the form in order to choose the most suitable colors for your project.

Always refer to the exact colors using the defined reference.

You will find below all color families.

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Which sink or bowl to choose?

Exemples de vasques/éviers

Examples bowls / sinks

V-korr offers a wide range of bowls and sinks that you can customize with the V-korr colors you want. In addition, we can provide thermoformed bowls in shape and style you want.

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Prescription advices

Pas de plans de vasque dans le lot plomberie

No vanities in plumbing lot

In case of a prescription for bathroom fittings, it is better not to include V-korr vanities in the plumbing lot.

Indeed, the plumber who is not equipped to work V-korr will have to contact a carpentry business to do the job, which will increase the price.