V-korr - Creative Surface


Hospitals, laboratories, healthcare environment


Non-toxic, non-porous and soft to the touch, V-korr makes it possible to design pleasant environments for patients and medical personnel from reception to the operating theatre.
Without visible joints and therefore easy to clean, V-korr surfaces prevent biological contamination (bacteria, mold), reducing the risk of nosocomial infections and diseases. V-korr is therefore the perfect. material for the development of hospitals and laboratories, as well as dental offices and other sanitary facilities. V-korr has been tested and certified NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), ASTM and CSTB for fire reaction testing. More information on certifications


Technical characteristics


Plans de travail hygiéniques pour stérilisation

V-korr, used in a dental office, facilitates sterilization, thanks to its non-porous surface.

Chemical resistant

V-korr est résistant aux produits chimiques et aux taches

V-korr repels aggressive chemicals and stains such as iodine, staining due to medical products.

Work bench

V-korr est idéal pour les paillasses de laboratoires d'analyses

The applications are numerous: school or laboratory benches, healthcare furniture, worktops for sterilization rooms.


Crédence avec remontée à congé hygiénique

Splash backs with return facilitate cleaning, and avoid the accumulation of dirt in inaccessible spaces.

Dental clinic

Mobilier et plans de travail pour cabinets médicaux ou dentaires

Transform your healthcare furniture and give your customer a lasting aesthetic impression.

Anti-drip edging

Champ "Goutte d'eau"

The edges of the worktops can be adapted, as here the anti-drip edge, which retains the liquids and avoids spillages on the floor.

Reception desk

Banque d'accueil design

The V-korr's simplicity and softness to the touch allow an excellent first contact with customers.

Molded basins

Cuves moulées hygiéniques et facilement nettoyables

It is possible to integrate a molded basin to the worktops, without visible seal, to facilitate cleaning. More informations.

Case studies

Mobilier de cabinet dentaire – Dr Fradet

Dental cabinet furniture - dr fradet

Creation of the furniture in a dental office (furniture coverings, sinks and worktop), as part of the redesign of the premises of Dr. Fradet near Grenoble.

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Salle de soin

Medical furniture - clinique du mail - grenoble

Creation of the medical furniture (Work benches / basins / tables) as part of the extension of the premises of the Clinique du Mail in Grenoble

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Salle de soin

Healthcare furniture - cpam - st-etienne

Makeover of the dental health center of St Etienne: reception desk, treatment room, sterilization room.

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