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V-korr Bars and countertops – Isère

For a long time, V-korr has found a place in high attendance environments. Its resistance to shocks is the happiness of homeowners looking for a material that is easy to maintain and resistant to abrasion.

Located in Estrablain (38), the Atika Bar is part of an integral design project with the renewal of all furniture, including bars and countertops, and lighting. When designing, the owner expressed the desire to create a modern, attractive, resistant and durable space. Hygienic and non-porous, allowing the realization of curved shapes relatively simply, V-korr was the most suitable material. V-korr can be easily repaired, directly on site, by polishing the surface with sandpaper. These are all characteristics and qualities that become essential criteria when selecting materials for public spaces.

For this project, the architect has selected the colors 007 Black for the bar countertops and 011 Mandarine for the cloakroom countertop. Colors that combine perfectly with the various materials used in the arrangement of each rooms.

  •  Transformer: Menuiserie Villancher
  • Architect: Colette.S
  • Colors : 007 Black (bar countertops) et 011 Mandarine (cloakroom countertop)
Realization of a V-korr cloakroom countertop

Realization of a V-korr cloakroom countertop

Realization of the Atika Bar countertop

Realization of the Atika Bar countertop

Color : 011 Mandarine by v-korr

Color : 011 Mandarine

Bar countertop in V-korr

Bar countertop in V-korr

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