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Wash Basins – ENI – Ceignes highway rest area

V-korr in public places

If V-korr has managed to become an essential material in the development of community spaces , it is not only thanks to its aesthetic appearance. Its resistance to stains and shocks of everyday life, as well as its ease of renovation bring to V-korr an excellent behavior in time. In addition, its non-porous and hygienic surface, as well as its soft touch, make it a favorite material in public spaces . ( Airports, libraries, selfs, ... )

Wash basins – ENI rest area

 V-korr washbasin in the area of ​​Ceignes

The V-korr Solid Surface has therefore taken up residence in one of the AGIP rest areas, located in Ceignes, in the men's and women's washrooms. Two huge basins were made, as well as luminous silhouettes.

men's toilets - Aire de CeignesThe men's toilets also benefit from a washbasin, conforming to P.M.R. ("Disabled").
The base layer, under the vanity top, is entirely made of V-korr.

Basin Solid Surface

This monobloc washbasin, with a length of 10,80m, was realized thanks to the color Fire 006.

 Washbasin with lighting

014 - Yellow

Bright silhouettes

 Woman silhouette in V-korr, with LEDS

V-korr Men silhouette made with LEDS

Both silhouettes were machined in V-korr, and benefit from a subtle illumination, ensured by a band of LEDS located at the back.
Note that some colors also allow a backlight thanks to their translucent properties.

Baby Changing Room / Nursery

Nursery corner with V-korr washbasinV-korr has also thought about newborns, and will be happy to welcome the future thousands of laughing faces and other talced hinds into the new "Nursery" corner.

Also respecting the standards P.M.R., this work top is equipped with a basin, and a changing table, with thermoformed edge.

This model JB washbasin, with a flat bottom, is perfect for intensive use in busy establishments.

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